Hot Options

We have a wide array of entrees available.....if you don't see something you like, ask us as we custom tailor a menu to suit your needs.


Private Barbeque Party - 


Freshly made entree examples.......... starting at $4.99 per person. Most entrees can be made to be served individual, in family size (4 to 6 servings) or in banquet size pans. Most items require at least 24 hours notice.


Quiche - Traditional bottom crusted egg, cream and cheese pie with vegetarian and meat options available

Pot Pies - Savoury filled deep dish pie with a crusted top - meat and vegetarian options available

Cottage Pie - Savoury filled deep dish pie with a toped with mashed potato - meat and vegetarian options available

Meat Pie - Savoury filling in a tradition pie crust

Mac and Cheese - Regular or whole wheat pasta in a rich cheddar cheese sauce

Meat Loaf - Traditional meat loaf with tomato beef sauce. Ask for side of mashed potato and salad for a complete meal

Stews - Choose from beef, chicken, turkey or vegetarian. We can ad homemade biscuits

Chicken cacciatore

Beef on a Bun

Chicken Vegetable Penne

Meat Balls in sauce - Meatballs made fresh and cooked in a traditional red sauce or white sauce 

Chicken with grilled vegetable and rice

Beef marinated and grilled served with vegetables and rice and/or potatoes 



Chicken Pot Pies