Sandwiches and Wraps

Hearty Classic Sandwiches and Wraps -

Assortment of ham, roast beef, roasted chicken, smoked turkey, salami, egg, chicken and tuna salad, cheese and veggie fillings made on an assortment of buns, wraps and freshly baked bread 

Lighter Ideas - 

Smaller buns, stuffed pita and pinwheels are available

Stuffed Sandwiches -

They are large and thick and loaded with goodness and delicious meat and veggie lovers filling. Feed at least six people and travel well so great for picnics

Make your own Sandwich - (best between 10 and 20 people) basket filled with all the fixings to make your own sandwiches. Let everyone choose their own fillings and toppings. Comes with assortment of breads and buns

Special Requests - 

We make all our products fresh for you so we can accommodate most special requests and allergies. We use only the freshest ingredients including sprouts from Four Season Greens and freshly baked bread from Windmill Bakery. Low fat Hellman's mayonnaise make for a great salad or sandwich. We roast our own chicken so it does not contain any added salt or preservatives.