Hi, as the new owner of The Seven Main Cafe, I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. Like the previous owners, the Snells, I have deep roots in this paradise we call Muskoka. My grandparents were both early settlers to the area. My grandmother Kate (Day) came here, on her own, from Yorkshire and was the first cook at what was to become Deerhurst. She met and married my grandfather Frank Rickard who was a logger in the park. Together they acquired and cleared the section of land on Fairy Lake just west of Minnie Cookson's place, which was known as 'Grandview Farm'.


Here they started 'Rickardale Grange', taking in adventurous guests who had made the long journey by rail and then lake steamer to escape the city. My mother Myra Rickard(Atkin), or as her friends called her 'Rick', was born right there. She used to tell me that in winter she would have to snowshoe the five miles to and from her one room school every day (apparently uphill both ways). Rickardale Grange was sold and eventually became what is now the Golden Pheasant subdivision.


My mother went off to university where she met my father and moved to Leamington to start a family. Huntsville pulled at her and she would return every summer and help her aunt, who had started a small cottage resort right next to Rickardale called Fairy Vista. Mom eventually acquired 'Fairy Vista' and this is where I have spent every summer and nearly every holiday since I was three months old. Fairy Vista grew to 12 housekeeping cabins providing accommodation to many families that came back year after year.


I still own a bit of 'Fairy Vista'. Although I met my husband Ken in Toronto, wasn't I surprised that his family had a cottage on Oxtongue Lake. We were married in Huntsville and for the last 30 years our family has found their anchor at our place on Fairy Lake. Both our children Susan and Steve have worked for many summers for local businesses and even though they are now living and working elsewhere our place on Fairy Lake is where they call home.

It is was with great joy that I was able to acquire the Seven Main Cafe from the Snells and finally move to Huntsville year round. In a way, completing the circle.


So come in and enjoy a great little cafe and enjoy.


If you are from the area maybe we could get 'acquainted' or reacquainted. If you are new, or just passing through, please come, relax and enjoy our little piece of Muskoka.

Barb Stronach